CLASSIC MANICURE Ksh 1200 For the client on –the- go. A basic manicure to re-shape your nails, clean up your cuticles and massage moisture into your hands. Finished with a fresh coat of your choice of nail polish.

CHOCOLATE FUDGE MANI Ksh 1500 For the sweetness in you! Enjoy a manicure with Wild Earth’s chocolate treats. Exfoliate your dry hands with our chocolate scrub, and further wrap your paws in our delicious chocolate mask. Chocolate is an effective moisturizer and what a temptation!

CLASSIC PEDICURE  Ksh 1500 A classic shape, soak and hydrate. Choose your color!

CHOCOLATE FUDGE PEDI Ksh 2500 Taking care of tired, dry feet A chocolate scrub and mask will not only smell good but help get rid of your tired/dead skin in turn moisturize your feet back to normal.

MARGARITA PEDI  Ksh 2500 Soften and exfoliate your feet in fresh pineapple flavors to cool them down and leaving them feel fresh! Followed by a full pedicure

PEDI ON THE ROCKS  Ksh 2000 A healing and muscle-easing pedicure. Your feet are soaked, exfoliated, buffed and filed. Your therapist will then massage a combination of hot and cold stones in an arrhythmic motion over your feet ; relieving any stress or lymph problems.

CAPPUCCINO PEDI Ksh 2500 Step into a warm and energizing foot spa of cocoa beans and sweet milk. You will enjoy a classic pedicure and your feet will then be wrapped in our coffee-choco foot mask to re-hydrate.

KIDS Manicure Ksh 800 Pedicure Ksh 1000​ EXTRA Re-Varnish: Includes file and paint Ksh 500 Extras –i.e. cuticles Ksh 800 Extra Massage: 20 mins Ksh 1500, 30 mins Ksh 2000

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